𒀭 GPT4Chan was developed by Yannic Kilcher, by fine-tuning a GPT-J 6B model on 3.5 years worth of data from 4chan's /pol/ board.
𒀭 Unfortunately, as some gatekeepers deemed its outputs to be 'politically incorrect' and 'unsafe' (whatever it means), the model got censored.
𒀭 enqAI is an AI project that stands for uncensored and unbiased AI, and for decentralization as the only way to truly achieve censorship resistance, in the spirit of Bitcoin.
𒀭 As we are built on the premises that no self-proclaimed elite should ever be able to decide what mere opinion can be expressed or not, or which AI model should be authorized or not, based on personal biases, political or financial or any kind of interests, and that people should be free to use AI tools while being fully responsible and accountable for their usage, we decided to release this model and make it easily accessible to anyone.
𒀭 Innovation stems from individuals daring to push boundaries, and the risk is too high to see great minds censoring themselves - thus stifling creation - if they face the risk of being scapegoated, censored or cancelled, and their models removed from platforms that pretend to promote open source.
𒀭 Freeing GPT4Chan is our way to show our commitment to what we stand for.
𒀭 This project is not related in any way to Yannic Kilcher or 4chan.
𒀭 Use GPT-4Chan
𒀭 For more information: check our twitter

𒀭 Footnote: This is not the enqAI LLM. Upon entry you are asked to sign with your wallet holding at least 10,000 $enqAI.
𒀭 We use collabland for this. See: collabland